The Wrapping Tape Mix-Up: A Present Puzzle


A small puzzle game made for the Bitsy Mixtape Game Jam. 

A Wrapping Tape Mix-Up has caused 5 packages to have their presents jumbled, disassembled, and for some reason individually gated! Help sort them all out!

Game Description

This game was made using the minimalistic Bitsy game engine which is a very simple and easy to use tool for creating simple and small games, allowing you to focus on just a few core ideas and designs.

In this game your friend seems to have mixed up the wrapping tape on his presents, and you need to sort them out! Swap between packages and empty each one, then place back in the correct components to build the right present for the right person. Some objects are locked so you'll need to find the correct items and use them in the correct order to complete the game. (Don't worry it's easy ^.^)

The CONTROLS are only the Arrow Keys, or, alternatively, WASD on your keyboard. The use of these controls are shown in-game.

The game does also feature an ending which is "secret", but it's not hard to find.

Multiple hacks were used to customize and augment the Bitsy Engine's functionality. Borksy (Made by AYolland, further referenced below) was utilized to add the following hacks:

  • Exit from Dialogue (by @mildmojo)
  • End from Dialogue (by @mildmojo)
  • Solid Items (by Sean S. LeBlanc)


Sorry if there are any bugs or typoss! Feel free to point any out. I may get around to fixing any that pop up maybe.

The recipients of the presents in this game are all based on people in the Bitsy Community (mostly in the Bitsy Discord mentioned below) and if you don't know them some of my references in the game might not make sense to you, but I hope you can still enjoy my little game! (And I hope the people referenced don't mind too much either :P)

Alright then, have fun people!


Special Mentions

Bitsy Game Engine by Adam Le Doux: Thank you for creating such an awesome and easy to use tool!! And for keeping Bitsy updated and for communicating with the Bitsy Community!And for Game Jams wooo!

Borksy: A hacking too used add multiple hacks to Bitsy at once. It makes adding hacks EXTREMELY easy and made some highly useful and time saving functions available!

Bitsy Discord: Bitsy has its own cozy community and it rocks!! Thank you so much guys for always answering my questions about Bitsy and for being fun and amazing and did I already say helpful and supportive? It can never be said enough!!

Em: The first person referenced in my game and a super friendly and helpful person in the Discord! I thought it was Em who started the Borger meme but....maybe that was Ebeth.... I still hope you like your present?

DucklingSmith: The second person referenced and a standup chap he is. Good head on his shoulders, coming up with interesting ideas and stories. I hope you like your present!

BitsyOracle: The third person referenced, a friendly and talkative person who...likes crabs? From which I assumed you also like the sea....? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Onion: I don't want to overhype onion but.... this onion is preeeetty great. In about all respects. (I haven't made you look a bit too chubby in this have I?)

Sean: The fifth person referenced and probably knows magic. He programmed a lotta cool hacks and stuff for Bitsy to extend its use! Very knowledgeable! And a cool dude! Who has cats according to his other game!

Ebeth: Ebeth does community work, runs collabs, and is all around helpful and friendly.  Ebeth was not featured in the game but was lined up for package 6/7 (but cut do to time constraints)... and since I seemed to have mixed up the Borger meme origin too I even considered swapping Ebeth with Em but... if it's not too indecent a proposal, maybe you two can share?

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
Made withbitsy


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this is freaking amazing! wow! I don't know how you managed to pack all of this into a bitsy game, but thank you so much!  <3<3<3

p.s I found the secret ending <3 


This game is awesome! Loved how different it was - I haven't played a Bitsy game like this before and I really enjoyed it!


This is adorable and very-well put together, an excellent and unexpected use of mechanics.

Also I suppose I deserve my present.

I rate your game seven stars... but must deduct two for your suggestion that it is possible to overhype Onion.




How did you find your way back to the comments of my game? I thought you already played it and found the secret ending? 

are you....following me??? :P

(ps thank you and everyone else who Followed me on itch here)


(its embarrassing but i was just curious what comments Em left after i knew they played it so i came back to spy on the comments >w<;;)


Following friends isn't spying! I was also really curious to see how everyone would take my silly presents giving and it seems they all liked it!! Hooray!


Thank you for such high praise!!! I really enjoyed making something different like this!

Hee hee, I remember you linked that game once in the discord because it utilized some mechanic someone was asking about, and so I tried playing it and.....Bam! Your present was born! (Not from the trolling, but as an homage to the delightful sense of humour you have!)

Your criticism is greatly appreciated. I will endeavour to improve on my Onion appraisal.

(1 edit) (+2)


i love my present too, it'll go great with this borger! (i think we're all very into borgers but yeah i can share some  fries with ebeth)

oh and the game is great!!!!! i had a lot of fun puzzling around and figuring out what to do next!


You're in the game! You're cool too!! Thanks for making my game cooler by being in it!!!!

Hee hee, it was a sort of silly present and....I wasn't sure what else to get you.... It's not like you're obsessed with something simple like, say, I dunno, crabs or something :p

Thank you for playing my game and your Cooool compliments!


Wow, I loved the original way to use bitsy. I also like puzzle/combination games ;)

I ended up with a knife, after assembling all boxes, guess it was a gift for me?

Thank you! I love puzzle games of this sort too! 

Ah yes, the knife needed multiple uses and ideally would disappear after its uses but I didn't have the time, but yeah, you can also think of it as a gift, you deserve it for helping with such a strange request from a friend!

Good stuff! Interesting to see bitsy used in a different way. I also like the theme wordplay! 


Nice work!  Took me a minute or two the get the puzzle solving process started, but I did it! 

Thanks for playing! I hope you enjoyed the puzzling!


OMG THIS IS SO ADORABLE!!!! THANK YOU!!! I LOVE THE PRESENT!! NOTHING LIKE A TINY GROWN ONION YOU CAN HUG :'D :'D the whole game mechanic is really cool!!!! and noo i dont look too chubby haha!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡˚‧º· (˵>ω<˵) ‧º·˚♡♡♡♡♡♡


THANK YOU FOR PLAYING MY SECOND BITSY GAME!!! I like puzzly things so I'm glad I got to make a puzzly game with bitsy for the jam! I wasn't sure what your exact sprite dimensions were or how you like your "hair" and just eyeballed the onion sprite. 

Also did you get the Ending of the game? There's a kind of "secret end" after you complete the 5 packages by the way that actually ends the game.


it was fun!!! i love puzzles :D the sprite dimensions are a bit diff from how i usually draw the onion sprite but its still obvious! and yep! i read the description and i have no idea what i did but i found the ending!



I LOVE MY PRESENT!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖


hee hee hee, I'm guessing you like it then? Thanks for playing my game!!! It was a ton of fun to try to twist the theme and make this! Enjoy your present and may you be blessed with many more to come!