This game was made for the Mask Bitsy Jam.  It's just a very short and simple game.

The only controls are the Arrow Keys or WASD.

Multiple hacks were used to customize and augment Bitsy's functionality. Borksy (Made by AYolland, further referenced below) was utilized to add the following hacks:

  • Exit from Dialog (by Mildmojo)
  • Permanent Items (by Sean S. LeBlanc)
  • Transparent Sprites (by Sean S. LeBlanc)


Bitsy Game Engine by Adam Le Doux

Borksy by A. Yolland

Bitsy Discord by bitsyfolk?

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, colours, Minimalist, Short


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Neat! I like it :) 


Wow this is really neat!

yeah I thought the new transition effects were pretty neat, and I noticed one did a colour transition thing and I wanted to try using it some.

Thanks for commenting!!!


Those colours are beautiful <3


Thank you!! <3!

I was just playing around with the new bitsy transition effects for this little game.

But maybe it could have used some alpacas? :)


This was so unexpected! Such a cool idea :)

Thanks :)))! The basic idea is really just me playing around with the new exit-transition effects, and it has a story to go with it. I guess the colour finding game "masks" the story part of it...? Maybe this doesn't exactly have the strongest tie-in with the Jam theme though :S


What an interesting minimalist abstract idea.

Thank you! I made this because it's been so long since I made something for a Bitsy Jam, and I hadn't tested out the new Bitsy features yet, so it's just a little story-thing that uses the Transition effects.