It's like  a personality test, but much more accurate.

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Apparently I'm the type of person who would choose: "There isn't an acronym long enough to describe your true personality. Which makes you a 'Z'. " on a personality test. And I'm supposed to have a nice day.


Use that knowledge wisely


"You are the type of person who would choose: 'Rather than be a ninja or pirate, you'd choose to be a ninja-pirate. Demon. Dragon. Elder God from the Abysaal Plane unleashed once every thirty thousand new moons to reign as the one true supreme being.' on a personality test. Have a nice day."

How did you know!? :o

Those ancient egyptians sure knew their algerbra.

Thanks for playing! And have an EXCELLENT day :)


It’s like a personality test, but very cute.


And you're like a kind person who played my game and left a nice comment afterwards, but ... things that are even better than the thing I just said




Awww this is adorable, you’re cute too!!! <3