Game Description

Made for the Ritual Bitsy Jam.

The only controls are the Arrow Keys or WASD. Pressing "right" will progress the story when necessary.

In the game you must memorize words which are set to the 4 directions, then execute them in the correct order.

Be careful not to speed too quickly through the dialogue/text because you may accidentally press and input and mess up your incantation.

I just threw some words into google translate for the latin, so, apologies for incorrect/random sounding latin.

After the first part of the game, the rest is just an extra bit stuck on, you don't need to finish it. In fact, the end has not exactly been tested, and will probably just loop back. For further instruction please consult the following reference video.

Multiple hacks were used to customize and augment the Bitsy Engine's functionality. Borksy (Made by AYolland, further referenced below) was utilized to add the following hacks:

  • Transparent Sprites (by Sean S. LeBlanc)
  • Javascript Dialog (by Sean S. LeBlanc)


This was pretty rushed so there may be some bugs.

This game was made with only a single room but many many palettes. It was a neat challenge.


Bitsy Game Engine by Adam Le Doux

Borksy by A. Yolland

Bitsy Discord

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TagsBitsy, evil, memorization, memory, ritual


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Wow, this is seriously awesome. Just when I think I've seen everything people can do with Bitsy games, I come across something like this. 

What a beautiful hellish gem. Thank you for making it. :)

Look who it is! The ol' Hamster of the Hypno variety! All Glory to the HypnoHamster if I'm getting the reference properly! 

ooo, thank you thank you! I'm really glad I got the idea to make this, it was lots of fun. And I'm glad you enjoyed it! But yeah, bitsy games are reallly expanding, there's so much variety and creativity. I like trying out funny things too. AND HELLISH ONES, BWA HA HA HA HA!!! :P

So....planning on any new games? 

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>All Glory to the HypnoHamster if I'm getting the reference properly! 

You are. :)

>So....planning on any new games?

Yes, actually! My partner and I are tinkering with a small game for the BARA Jam -- featuring a sourcerer and a demon, funnily enough. :D We'll be using Renpy as an engine. No idea if we'll make the deadline, though.

Also I'm slowly making my way through Construct 2 (a friend hooked me up with a license he wasn't using). For now just fooling around, making a top-down beat 'em up. At least that's the idea.