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This is a story creating game where you choose different travel and action segments to the story, then, fill in the blanks to the story by choosing certain words/phrases for what happens! There are tons of silly, funny, and over-the-top combinations of words to try! At the end you can download the final adventure story you have created.

Game Description

This game was made using the minimalistic Bitsy game engine which is a very simple and easy to use tool for creating simple and small games, allowing you to focus on just a few core ideas and designs.

In the game you will be given set Story Segments with Blanks to fill in. (Example: One day a BLANK fought a BLANK.) You are then given the choice of where to travel to, or what types of actions to take, which will take you to other set Story Segments to fill in. By the end of the game, once you've defeated the final boss, your story will be completed and compiled for you to read and/or download.

The Blanks are chosen from a select set of words/phrases pulled randomly from a larger list that is custom created.

The Story follows a fairly simple overall structure where you find a clue to your lost Quest Item, and then track it down and defeat the final Boss who has taken it from you.

The CONTROLS are only the Arrow Keys, or, alternatively, WASD on your keyboard. Move into things to INTERACT with them.   Additionally a Download button can be made to appear at the end and is Clicked On with the Mouse.

Further instructions are explain in the Tutorial in-game.

Multiple hacks were used to customize and augment the Bitsy Engine's functionality. Borksy (Made by AYolland, further referenced below) was utilized to add the following hacks:

  • Transparent Sprites (by Sean S. LeBlanc)
  • Javascript Dialog (by Sean S. LeBlanc)
  • Exit from Dialogue (by @mildmojo)
  • End from Dialogue (by @mildmojo)

Additional hacks/javascript was added to create a download button with the help of Sean S. LeBlanc. Many thanks to him for spending the time to help me!


There are unfortunately some bugs that might have remained in the game, so please report any you may see.

Known bugs:

  • Blanks carrying over from a previous room
  • The download button staying on screen after completing and restarting the game (though it can't be clicked)
  • Odd formatting issues
  • Some inconsistencies in the story and grammar due to how it is all pieced together separately

Alight then, Enjoy the Adventure!


Special Mentions

Bitsy Game Engine by Adam Le Doux: Thank you for creating such an awesome and easy to use tool!! And for keeping Bitsy updated and for communicating with the Bitsy Community! And for Game Jams wooo!

Borksy by A. Yolland:  A hacking too used add multiple hacks to Bitsy at once. It makes adding hacks EXTREMELY easy and made some highly useful and time saving functions available!

Bitsy Discord: Bitsy has its own cozy community and it rocks!! Thank you so much guys for always answering my questions about Bitsy and for being fun and amazing and did I already say helpful and supportive? It can never be said enough!!

Sean: Special thanks to him for working with me to create a download button hack!

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure
Made withbitsy
TagsBitsy, Comedy, Narrative, silly

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