Explore a strange "game menu" that doesn't take itself too seriously.

CONTROLS: Navigate the menu with the "WASD" keys. The mouse is also useful sometimes.

UPDATE: Now works on Google Chrome.

NOTE: For best results use Firefox and Windows. This game is untested on other systems and browsers and some sounds/graphics and the ending might break.

Credits/Resources used:

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsFunny, janky, menu, silly

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i'm sad that I never get to play with my fwiends mr woof and ms meow T_T 

it was pretty cool. the choices were fun to explore, however there were so many, it made my completionist brain short circuit lol I had to suppress the urge to "click" on everything. 

i enjoyed it!! good job uwu


I gave it a shoot :3 very interesting! here is my gameplay if you want to see 

Hi, thanks for trying it out! 

Ack! I was watching and some of the sounds and graphics didn't work! And sorry, the ending broke as well... there was supposed to be more after you "Started" the game!

So, I am using a Firefox with a W10 pc but can I ask what computer and web browser you used to run my game? I did not test my game for Macs, or for Google Chrome and such...

But still, I hope you enjoyed what you saw and maybe had a laugh or two! It was a funny video, and you seem like a funny guy :)


Oh really? I was using a PC with Google Chrome at the time. Maybe that's why it did not work?

and thank you so much :3 I got a good time trying it out!


Thanks so much for telling me! I was able to fix it and now it works for Chrome as well!

Thanks again, and good luck making videos and having fun, and... stay crazy and hilarious and crazelarious~!