Try to escape from a bunch of different situations.

This is a very simple, light and silly puzzle game made using the minimalistic Bitsy Game Engine.

The only controls are the Arrow Keys or WASD. You can walk into some objects to interact with them.

Multiple hacks were used to customize and augment Bitsy's functionality. Borksy (Made by AYolland, further referenced below) was utilized to add the following hacks (their authors are referenced on the Borksy link):

  • Avatar By Room
  • Exit from Dialog
  • Permanent Items
  • Solid Items
  • Transparent Sprites


Bitsy Game Engine by Adam Le Doux

Borksy by A. Yolland

Bitsy Discord by bitsyfolk?


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...How many escape games can you escape?

It was very funny to play ripple!

So many different moods :D

Thank you for playing!!

Hee hee, yes, I did make this game as just a bunch of jokes all tied together, so I was hoping it would give you a laugh!