A simple game about overharvesting. Just go forward by pressing right arrow or "D".

Made using the Bitsy game engine (with hacks using Borksy) for the "Harvest" Bitsy Game Jam.

Bitsy Game Engine by Adam Le Doux

Borksy: A hacking tool used add multiple hacks to Bitsy at once to augment Bitsy's functionality. Hacks used: Transparent sprites, End from dialogue, Permanent items, Solid items.

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Made withbitsy
TagsBitsy, overharvest, Short


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Very good! ...Yet sadly true

Thank you! I unfortunately didn't have much time so it is a very short and simple game, but I thought it was an important message to make. 

I am looking at some of your games and I think they are really creative and funny! I really like what you've done with your art, and also your, you might say, cheeky sense of humour :)

Glad you enjoy these! :D Thanks a lot!


Hold up, I've played this!! XD

Awesome job Ripple, the message is loud and clear :')
Also, I didn't know there's a hack for solid colors, that's cool!

Yeah, unfortunately not much replayability in this one, it's kinda just a simple one with a simple message...

Hack for "Solid Colours"? Did you mean "solid items"...? It basically makes it so that you can't pick up the item and it acts like a sprite that can be placed multiple times.


Ooooh that's neat! If I'd used that hack, it would have saved a lot of time decorating the environment :')


Short and powerful. 

Thank and You!


This is very clever! I  like it! and unfortunately so true...it's  just a simple game with a lot to say... I need to learn about hacks on bitsy,  so many possibilities ^^

Oh thank you! The game is just something small I made for that one simple message but I thought it was an important one, and I'm glad you agree with it.  Yeah yeah, hacks can really expand what you can do!! Are you on the Bitsy Discord? They can help, and for references, here is a link to where all the hacks are kept: https://github.com/seleb/bitsy-hacks . And here is a link to Borksy, which is a tool used to make it easier to add in hacks (I use this since I'm not so great at programming and I'm lazy :P): http://andrewyolland.com/borksy/


yeah I'm in the discord, it's great, there's a lot of knowledge in there. 

And thanks for the links, now are in my bookmarks, may be my next bitsy game will have some hacks :P


Ohh, the use of the rotation to narrate the story was really clever... Nice job!

Thank you! It was a bit of repetitive work making a bunch of rooms to create the slow rotation but it seems to have worked out fine.

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